• DCWV is one of my FAVORITE companies!! I use their scrapbooking products on all kinds of craftiness. Don't just take MY word for it!!

    -Seahag Alvarado
  • I am so in love with everything that I have seen from Blue Moon Beads. The Alice in Wonderland and fairy type beads and starters are so gorgeous! Bravo for making such gorgeous things for us to make our own jewelry!

    -Jeannie Richey De Gruccio
  • I love DCWV’s colorful, printed scrapbooking paper. I have the worst time trying to put them down and walk away when I am finished scrapbooking! I love your classy use of texture/glitter on your pages. I love that the paper comes away from the pad cleanly 99.9% of the time. And I can never get enough of your embellishments. I am a “less is more” kind of scrapbooker so your papers and embellishments go a long way for me. Love, love, love your product!

    -Kate McKenzie
  • Love your beads and jewelry making supplies! I love making jewelry and I have even used some on a few paper crafting projects. Also love that you are a part of DCWV!

    -Lisa Scott Whitlock-Newman
  • I love, love, love your scrapbooking paper!!! It's such great quality, and there are so many great patterns and solid colors. I can't stop buying it, though I have more than I will ever need!!! :)

    -Sylvia Leybourne Meredith
  • The vinyl saying "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" was the perfect touch for our bedroom! I love how easy it was to put on, and the wall art decal made my wall look amazing! I would definitely get more Vinyl Wall Decor Pieces!

    -Sarah Hamer
  • The Vinyl Custom Classic Clock is a wonderful product! The vinyl numbers are easy to apply, and the finished clock looks very elegant on the wall. It's a great way to add some pizazz to your home.

    -Stacy Cohen

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